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Larry's Wrap Sheet

We'd like to introduce you to Larry. Birthed from economic explosion, and the need to get more out of the advertising dollar of everyday business owners - He came up from the earth screaming vinyl and graphics, with one thing in mind: become the greatest Wrap Superhero of all time! Trumpeting designs and creative ideas that turn-heads everywhere he goes, Larry has a heart for the people. He wants to be part of your business explosion - the only way he knows how - by getting LOUD!

Larry said LET THERE BE WRAP, and there was WRAP!!

He rolls with a bunch of ad-guys & girls - who win awards, rubies, and pearls. They're ready to elevate your brand to the next level, lighting up the world so others will revel. Your phones will excite from the ringing at night, and Larry will sleep well from a good works delight.

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