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For some, signage is simply to say, "Hey folks, I'm here and ready to do business with you". A well designed and created sign will tell all who see it that you're here, in business and ready to serve. Signage is informative; it communicates your product, your service, your brand, your style, your price, your offers and ultimately your value. Many new business owners depend on it for business.

The great news is that upwards of 50% of start-up business new customers come as a result of a well-created and placed signage. This is the best reason to invest in the right signage; it can truly make or break your business. According to the Small Business Administration, "Signs are the most cost effective, yet least expensive form of advertising..."

For others, signage is used remotely to tell potential customers where you're located, where you've moved to, or where you're going. Perhaps, your business is clustered among others and you want to stand out head-and-shoulders above the competition, or maybe you're located in a lower level at the mall. Well created and placed signage can creatively tell your potential customers where you are --and better yet -- why they should pass your competitors to do business with you. Good signage gives them a reason to ignore the noise and seek you out.

The great thing about signage is how often you can create, recreate and re-purpose it.

Great signage will produce immediate results!

Benefits of Signage are:

  • Real-Time Customers - Upwards of 50% of start-up new customers come as a result of a well-created and placed signage.
  • Stretch your dollar - It's cost-effective and not limited to any one single space.
  • It's an extension of yourself - Signage spreads the word when you're not around