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LOUD Materials

Most successful business owners know "you get what you pay for." Cutting corners often results in even greater loss later. Not only are time and money wasted, but reputation is jeopardized.

Due to the recent popularity of vehicle wraps, vinyl graphic manufacturers are popping up throughout the U.S. and abroad, offering greater selection in color, grade, and pricing.

As in most industry growth, often times quality standards are lowered. Many vendors choose to use inferior products to offer lower consumer pricing, but in fact may be driving up their own profit margins. Using inferior materials can save you money in the short-term, but the life of your wrap will most likely be cut in half. You will soon notice premature color fade, bubbling, peelback and material failure.

LoudMouth Larry never wants you to live in regret.

He is committed to the best materials and trained certified installation professionals to get the job done right the FIRST TIME.

There are dozens of vinyl mediums being used for mobile wrap applications, read on below to find out Larry’s Top Manufacturers of vinyl wrap materials.