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Truck Wrap Services

Trucks...Trailers...Box Trucks

Ever had a house call from the plumber, landscaper or contractor? Chances are you have and you can't help but notice their truck graphic. The one thing these businesses will always have in common, is that they get most of their new business from word-of-mouth referrals, typically as a result of having their trucks sitting outside their current job site, perhaps even yours (go ahead, ask them!).

If you're a contractor working on location and not maximizing your exposure in that community with an eye-catching message on your truck, you're LOSING big money opportunities! Strategically place your silent salesperson out front, letting people know you do great work...minus the referral fee. You can be wrapping up one job (no pun intended) and starting another job next door the very next day. WOW! No down time!

Graphics on trucks have been around for a very long time. This is not a new concept. Shop Rite, U-Haul, FedEx, USPS (to name a few) are probably some you see on a daily basis. One thing they have in common is great square footage, these type of ads are obvious, rolling billboards. Easily Identified. Established in 1886, White Rose is the largest independent food distributor in the New York City area has clearly understood the power of branding their trailers. While their trucks may look like they've been around for 100+ years they've been in business, they're branding works nonetheless.

Larry's an expert in this stuff. Have a box truck or trailer transporting goods? Why not let potential customers peak inside with an impacting 3D wrap? Entice potential customers with appealing imagery of what you have to sell.

Benefits of Truck/Trailer/Box Truck wrapping:

  • The Silent Salesperson - save your referral money for materials and park that wrapped truck outside of your current site. Make money while you work!
  • Easily Identified - once you have your trucks on the road, your brand and message will become known from a distance. Even if people haven't heard about you, they will soon enough become familiar with your brand.