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Car Wrap Services

Add another level of professionalism to your business. Let people know how serious you truly are about what you do. Transform your commuter wheels into your business card(s). For less than $2/day, you can be seen by 50,000+ people each and every day and have your car work for you even when you're not. That's 18 million impressions in a 12-month period.

Think about it, whether you've already paid for your car or are paying for it through a lease, you're already losing money. Why not have it pay you back in new business? Everywhere you go, your car goes: whether that's to the mall, supermarket, dry cleaner, gym, restaurant, family outing... everywhere. Make an IMPACT everywhere you go!

A great car wrap will truly put you in front of thousands of people each hour of each day. Now you're getting more mileage out of your car! Turning those wheels into a never-ending calling card for your business.

If you're wondering, "Can I afford to wrap my car?" The real question should be, "Can I afford not to wrap my car?"

Benefits of Car Wraps:

  • Cost-efficient - For less than $2/day you can be seen by 50,000+ people. That's 18 million impressions in a 12 month period!
  • NO Rent to pay - You've already paid for your car, now it will be paying you back by making money and bringing in customers with you're awesome new wrap!