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Bus Wrap Services

The travels everywhere, picks up everyone, from every demographic, it stretches and crosses boundaries, goes where you normally would go but actively does it dozens of times each day. Buses go to high traffic places, where people are driving, walking, jogging or simply just waiting for--you guessed it--the bus. It's a billboard on wheels determined to go where the people are.

Unlike you, it doesn't take short cuts and likes to get stuck in traffic and it does so many times a day, naturally becoming visible by thousands of people every minute. The power of bus advertising (unlike radio) is you can't turn it off. It's nearly impossible to ignore and often times it's right in your face! Bus advertising offers you potential customers primed and ready for your ad!

Buses are BIG! They offer the largest moving advertising real estate of all. The canvas for your message is huge and ready to speak on your behalf. Bus advertising comes in all shapes and sizes and depending on your budget allows for great flexibility.

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