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Fleet Vehicle Wrap Services

Companies, Organizations and Government Municipalities typically purchase their vehicles in fleets. It stands to reason that having many of the same model vehicle allows for the most efficient usage and maintenance. What many have discovered is they offer a great consistent backdrop for corporate or organizational branding.

Fleet graphics can range from a minimalistic approach of a simple logo on white (like Verizon's, to the most dynamic layered graphics that will literally make your eyes dance (like the Copenhagen Zoo bus) and everything in between. Fleet graphics are one of the most efficient ways to generate high visibility without the cost of purchasing media space. New product launches, new music releases, in-your-face cause marketing are just a few examples of categories that immediately gravitate to fleet wraps.

In the last few years, fleet graphics have begun taking on a life of their own. There's really no limit to what you can do with custom vinyl graphics. Corporations like Sony, Red Bull, Papa Johns, Pepperidge Farms, Coca-Cola and the like realize the power of these moving canvases and in many cases deploy highly interactive, custom 3D fabrications to drive the message home!

UPS alone has an estimated 95,000 trucks on the road. If 50,000 people see each truck once a week (this number is quite conservative) that would mean they're receiving upwards of 19 billion impressions per month. No wonder they're the #1 parcel carrier in the world, with that many impressions, who's got a chance?

Wrapping your fleet is like having a legion of superheroes advocating your business, creating buzz and driving huge brand awareness. Imagine the impact your business would have if your fleet were wrapped - if you had an army championing your cause - in the streets, around the stadiums, getting the word out in a really LOUD way!

Your fleet is out on the frontline battling for peoples' attention, patronage, loyalty; your fleet is waging war against your competitors.

Benefits of Fleet Wrapping are:

  • Free Real-Estate - Generate high visibility without the cost of purchasing media space.
  • Multi-Purpose/Use - New product launches, new music releases, in-your-face cause marketing.
  • Broad Reach - The more vehicles you have on the road, the greater impressions your business will receive.